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Nutriceuticoils markets high quality food additives for which there is scientific evidence that they are beneficial for the health and in prevention of diseases.
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What does EPA, DHA and ETA do in the dog’s body?
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What does EPA, DHA and ETA do in the dog’s body?
EPA has many functions in the prevention and beneficial actions in the treatment of diseases in dogs. Listed here are some examples:
1. Anti-inflammatory effect for arthritis and dermatitis.
2. Minimization of symptoms from Lupus and other immune related diseases such as atopy and allergies.
3. Positive effects on dogs with heart arrhythmia, supra ventricular premature beats and epilepsy.
4. Significantly longer survival rates in patients with kidney failure.
5. Longer survival rates in several types of cancer patients and positive effects in symptoms and survival time in combination with chemotherapy.
6. Improvements of symptoms of dry skin, scales and brittle hair.

DHA is mainly active in the nervous system (brain, nerves and spinal cord). DHA is essential for brain development and of the utmost importance in the development of the foetus, newborn and pups. Therefore, it may be of benefit to be administered to pregnant and lactating bitches and to puppies up to one year of age. DHA also appears to have positive effects on several degenerating processes in the nervous system and it might therefore be beneficial to all dogs over seven years of age. Additionally, it was recently discovered that DHA provides several positive effects, which were previously only attributed to EPA.
It is only recently that ETA started to receive a lot of attention, as only lately was discovered that this fatty acid has a very powerful inflammation reducing effect.